Network Management Security. The Single Point of Compromise

There are lot of network devices, servers and application services in the world of information technologies. The most scalable way for device management is to use use centralized systems as monitoring solutions, network management systems and configuration management ones. So company may have a single point of compromise because device management system contains useful information for hackers such as nodes list and credentials for managed equipment. It is necessary to design and implement security measures on centralized management systems and managed devices. Organizations also must maintain these systems in secure state and fix cybersecurity problems ASAP. Are your management systems and managed devices protected from intruders’ access or another suspicious activity? Are your centralized solutions situated in the safe network segment? How to secure it? Let’s analyze.


Jul 19 2021


1:40 PM - 2:10 PM


  • Andrey Dugin
    Andrey Dugin
    Head of Cybersecurity Operations Division MTS

    Employee of international Telecom operator group MTS since 2003. Implemented a lot of cybersecurity solutions and recommendations in 5 countries of the MTS group presence. CCNP Security certified. Responsible for cybersecurity expertise, cybersecurity audits and secure IP/MPLS-networks integration of any scale and complexity.