SGNOG Hackathon 2019

SGNOG, with support from Facebook, is pleased to host its first Hackathon as part of SGNOG7. There is no fee payable to participate in the event, but due to venue and logistical constraints,we are limited to 30 participants.

You are invited to apply to participate in the Hackathon. The organising committee will select participants based on their experience and ability to code. Participants do not need to know a specific programming language or technology, but must bring their own computers (BYOD) to the hackathon. Shortlisted participants will be notified by 21 June 2019.


What is a “Hackathon”?

A Hackathon (hacking marathon) is a group of people, collaborating and working intensively on a solution to address well-defined pain point(s). Don’t try to do it right, just try to get it working!

“Hacking” usually refers to scripting, coding, programming or software development to fix certain issues/problems/challenges. The process brings together network engineers, automation and tooling engineers, developers, researchers, and even students, with varying experiences and backgrounds to create a solution, or a tool to address real life challenges.


What happens during the Hackathon?

The event kicks-off with a coding workshop by Facebook engineers. In this workshop, we begin with a general introduction about Python, and a familiarisation with the coding environment to prepare participants for the rest of the Hackathon.

We then form teams to tackle the ideas that have emerged or the challenges proposed. Everyone codes as a team to address the challenges and to bring their ideas to fruition.

Everyone gets to share their ideas and solutions at the end of the Hackathon! Join us for an amazing 2 days of fun coding, with food and drinks to go!


Who should participate

  • Network and systems administrators/engineers who operate or manage complex networks, and looking to automate or simplify network management
  • Network automation/tooling engineers developing tools/scripts to make life easier for themselves
  • Students of technology who has keen interest in coding, and have great ideas that they would like to partner with someone to hack on.


Why participate

  • Have a problem which you have been wanting to solve, but unable to make time. This is the chance to do that
  • Have you been doing something repetitively and manually all the time? This is the chance to automate it!
  • The perfect opportunity to work with fellow professionals to solve real-life network issues together
  • Learn new skills

Prototype Forum

At the end of the 2-day hackathon, each group will present their problem statement, along with their solution to the rest of the teams. Participants are encouraged to implement the solution in code.


Who owns the code after we’re done

You do! Facebook does not own any of your code. Feel free to open source your code, expand on it, etc. This is a great opportunity to make use of advice from industry experts and peers!

All of the hackathon solutions and prototypes will also be presented at the SGNOG7 conference on 12 July 2019.

For more information, contact the Hackathon team at

Key Dates

18 April 2019 Application Opens
7 June 2019 Application Closes
21 June 2019 Selected participants notified
Day 1 ( 9 July 2019 )
0900hrs to 1200hrs Coding Workshop
1300hrs to 1800hrs Hackathon
Day 2 ( 10 July 2019 )
0900hrs to 1600hrs Hackathon
1600hrs to 1730hrs Prototype Forum / Happy Hour
12 July 2019 Hackathon Presentation @ SGNOG7 Conference