MPLS Workshop Agenda

Advanced BGP Workshop
By: Philip Smith (APNIC)

The BGP Workshop will introduce participants to more advanced BGP
features including BGP Security, RPKI Route Origin Validation, BGP
Troubleshooting, and BGP Multihoming Techniques. The workshop will
include hands on labs, presentations, as well as time for discussion.

Target Audience
Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area service
provider network with international and/or multiprovider connectivity.
All participants must have existing experience with configuring and
using BGP in a multi-provider environment.

Participants must have a good grasp of BGP
Participants must bring a laptop with wireless and an SSH client

Detailed Synopsis

Day One:

09:00-10:30: BGP Best Practices
iBGP vs eBGP
Safe BGP Configuration
Announcing and Receiving Prefixes

11:00-12:30: BGP Lab


14:00-15:30: Internet Routing Registry
What is the IRR?
Why use the IRR?
APNIC database and IRR
Using the IRR and its benefits
Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL)
Using RPSL in practice

16:00-17:30: BGP Multihoming Best Practices

Day Two:

09:00-10:30: RPKI and Origin Validation

11:00-12:30: RPKI Lab


14:00-15:30: Advanced BGP Features
4-byte ASNs
BGP Security
Route Reflectors
BGP Communities

16:00-17:30: BGP Troubleshooting Tips