Conferences, Workshops and Social Events

Singapore Network Operators’ Group (SGNOG) is a non-profit formed to provide Network Operators, Service/Content Providers and vendors a forum to share, discuss and learn about internet trends, technologies and operational experience in Singapore. Through regular events such as conferences, workshops and social events, it provides engineers the opportunities to interact more frequently, and thereby fosters greater collaboration at the working level.

SGNOG organizes content around the topics of IP routing & switching, optical transmission, systems, internet security, peering, emerging technologies and operational best practices. The goal and objective of SGNOG is to allow the local and foreign network operators to get together to collaborate to improve the overall internet ecosystem in Singapore.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have many partners and speakers to share updates with the community through their vast knowledge and experience during the SGNOG conferences. Partners, like APNIC, Facebook and Red Hat, are also stepping forward willingly to guide and share knowledge through various SGNOG organized workshops.

Social events is always one of the highlight of SGNOG conferences. The community will look forward to mingle around and we are thankful to have Social event sponsors, like Equinix, to bring refreshments to the community together after a long day. 

We always welcome more partners to reach out to us to organize interesting workshops that will benefit the community. Feel free to contact us to explore the opportunities of organizing these workshops.

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