Securing Your Network Using Shadowservers Daily Network Reports

Securing your Network using Shadowserver Reports helps organizations learn about this unique public benefit tool.

What if there was a public benefit, free to use, security report that provided you a complete overview of your security risk? What if this tool allowed you to see what the bad guys are seeing on your network? What if this tool highlighted devices that are infected with malware? What if this tool lets you know when your devices are out of security compliance. Wouldn’t that be nice if every network had access to this type of reporting?

This daily report exists today! Shadowserver’s Daily Network Report is a public benefit tool that provides +80 reports on your network organization. It is a public benefit service funded by the community for the community. This session will walk through how Shadowserver builds these reports, what you receive in your daily updates, and how to effectively use these reports to secure your network. This online class will help each organization to apply to receive these reports. We will close with an example of a mobile operator who used Shadowserver’s Daily Network Reports as the only source of threat intelligence to lock down their network.


Jul 30 2021


11:05 AM - 11:35 PM


  • Barry Greene
    Barry Greene
    Principal Architect, Akamai Technologies

    “For over 30 years, Barry Raveendran Greene has applied his organizational leadership, business acumen, “cyber-security” & networking experience to the expansion of the Internet. Barry’s Operator-Centric innovations have cleared the path of Internet success by finding solutions for DDOS, network scalability, and content distribution. Barry has been responsible for pioneering tools for DDOS defense (the Clean Pipe’s Architecture, Netflow, FlowSpec, etc.). He has orchestrated industry-wide responses to direct threats to the Internet (Code Red, Slammer, Conficker, DCWG and much more). Barry works at all level of the industry from the CxOs to the creative core that drives networking. He is a “cyber-security” advisor to governments and was responsible for building the “global trust community” of security professionals (the underground white hat community which enables the effective takedowns). Barry has instigated, created, deploy, and driven many of the security innovation used in today’s anti-DDOS, Vulnerability management, service provider security, and DNS security solutions.

    Barry comes to Akamai in the Carrier, Security, and Enterprise BU as a Principal Architect. He is part of Akamai’s continued investment to deliver services that make the Internet Fast, Reliable, and Secure. Barry is an expert in Edge Compute deployment architectures and scaling services throughout the Internet. Those technical skills are combined with the Strategic foresight to understand where the industry is heading, building the capabilities, capacity, and deployment experience to be ready for the Internet’s next wave.”