SGNOG3 Workshop trainers biography

Sheryl (Shane) Hermoso
Training Officer, APNIC

Sheryl has had various roles as a Network and Systems Administrator before joining APNIC. She started her career as a Technical Support Assistant while studying at the University of the Philippines. Sheryl later finished her degree in Computer Engineering and continued to work in the same university as a Network Engineer, where she managed the DILNET network backbone and wireless infrastructure.

Areas of interests: Wireless/wifi, DNS/DNSSEC, IPv6, and Security

Champika Wijayatunga
Regional SSR Engagement Manager, APAC, ICANN

Champika is the ICANN’s Regional Security, Stability and Resiliency (SSR) Engagement Manager for the Asia Pacific. He supports the ICANN’s external SSR program and represents ICANN in operational, technical and capacity building forums in the AP region.
Prior to ICANN, Champika was the Training Unit Manager at APNIC, the Regional InternetRegistry for the Asia Pacific. He also served as a Team Leader, a Senior Training Specialist and also APNIC’s Liaison Officer for the South Asia region. Champika started his career with IBM Corporation as a Systems Engineer and worked in IT industry, academia, research, and training environments in the Asia Pacific.

Ng Seo Boon
Network Consulting Engineer,Cisco

Ng Seo Boon – is a Network Consulting Engineer working for the Cisco System’s for the past nine years. Armed with 15 years of experience and based in Singapore, his primary responsibility is to provide support and consulting services to Cisco telco based customers. Seo Boon is conversant in large IP network design, maintenance and troubleshooting. He has a good grasp on all aspects of TCP/IP both in routing (BGP/IS-IS) and operational deployments of networks. His current interest lies in designing large scalable IP routing networks. He also has a keen interest in Internet Service Provider security.
Today, Seo Boon’s main role is to support large Internet service providers in China. He provides consulting and advisory services to these customers in designing, implementation, optimization and maintenance of their IP networks. Currently his main focus is in identifying network operations on large IP networks, and proposing workable solutions. He is also a strong advocate of maintaining the network through automated approaches (open source scripting).
Beside his regular role as a consulting engineer, Seo Boon also teaches classes on ISP routing and conducts ISP security workshops within the AP region. Seo Boon regularly participates in the APRICOT forum and occasionally delivers presentations at Cisco Networkers.
Seo Boon joined Cisco from Singapore Telecommunications Pty Ltd in 2000, where he was a Senior Network Engineer overseeing the planning and operation of the IP network in Singapore. His primary role includes the planning and designing of the largest IP network in the organization, streamlining the operation by introducing open source network management tools to reduce costs and improve efficiency of the operation teams.
Capacity planning and scaling of IP network is part of other challenging tasks Seo Boo undertakes. Formulation of network peering policies for the organization helps him build his social context in the networking community.

Lim Fung
Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Lim Fung is a Technical Marketing Engineer in the Core Technologies Group of Cisco Systems supporting customers in Asia and Japan on IOS-XR platforms such as the Cisco CRS and ASR 9000 series.
He joined Cisco Systems in October 1999 and has worked closely with Internet service providers in the areas of network design and operations and assisted in the rollout of one of the first MPLS networks in Asia Pacific.
Lim graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Management of Information Systems.
Lim Fung is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP #64090) and is a co-author of the CiscoPress book ‘Building Resilient IP Networks’.